What if you and your child could...


  • Take sewing lessons from the comfort of your home and never need to waste another minute in commute time, not to mention all that time you spend waiting around for your child to finish their sewing lesson while you’re secretly wishing you could peek inside and learn too…
  • Have an A-Z guide of all the parts, machinery, supplies, notions, tools, and endless doo-dads required for sewing, so you can get back to what you enjoy most- exercising your creative muscle and turning your ideas into delicious handmade goods…
  • Overcome your fears of using a sewing machine and be able to say “this is easy!” while you and your child exchange high-fives…
  • Finally open up a sewing pattern and understand what you were looking at without needing to youtube and google every step of the way…

Knowing where to start with sewing doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


Sewing Camp was created just for aspiring sewists like you and your child.

The Sewing Camp program makes learning how to sew easy with 12 levels of learning that build upon previously mastered skills and techniques, so your child can confidently create whatever they dream up!

Hold on... I know what you're thinking... 

You don't have the time to bring your child to yet another program. I see you, and I hear you. 

You're a busy parent/guardian, with endless amounts of to-dos on your list and you're beginning to feel more like your child's personal chauffeur than their parent and guardian. You're rushing them to Tae Kwan Do on Monday, Art Class on Tuesday, Swimming on Wednesday, not to mention school, playdates, appointments, family outings and everything in between.

You've been dreaming of spending more quality time at home with those you love, without having to sacrifice your child's hobbies and learning, but there's just not enough time in your day.

What if we brought the learning to you?

Online learning is growing like we've never seen before, making it convenient for people of all ages to obtain the information they want and to learn on their own time and schedules, from the comfort of their homes.

Introducing Sewing Camp!

Sewing Camp is an online sewing program designed to take children and their families from a complete beginners to confident sewists. The video sewing lessons are intended for children aged 8+ to work on alongside a parent/guardian. Here's what's included in the program:

Video Lessons

You'll receive instant access to new video lessons and assignments in your members area to complete at your own pace. 

Patterns + Workbooks

In addition to fun video lessons, you'll also find fun sewing patterns and printable workbooks to take your learning further.

Sewing Camp Clubhouse

Connect with other Sewing campers inside the Sewing Camp Clubhouse! I will hop on weekly to answer questions, provide support and feedback, and cheer you and your child on in your sewing journey!


Sewing Camp Curriculum

Sewing Camp is divided into 12 levels of learning to take your child step-by-step through the methods of sewing.


  1. Sewing Camp: Welcome to the camp! Everything you need to get started with sewing
  2. Needle + Thread: Introduction to embroidery and cross-stitch
  3. Thimble: All your mending basics
  4. Pincushion: Designing and creating your own handsewn project
  5. Embellish: Give your projects that extra oomph with embellishments
  6. Design: Your guide to designing your own fabrics to use in your projects
  7. Swatch: The ins and outs of buying fabric, fabric types, and caring for your fabrics
  8. Sewing Machine: Your first sewing machine and beginner projects
  9. Iron: All the tips and tricks for using an iron in your sewing projects
  10. Patchwork: Introduction to quilting and paper piecing
  11. Pattern: Using patterns and creating your own
  12. Zipper + Button: Learn how to add handy fasteners to your sewing projects

Start Your Sewing Journey!

"“Sewing Camp has been a fantastic program for Maimoonah to enhance her sewing skills. We really enjoy the program as it is a secure online platform for the kids to learn and explore. I was very uncomfortable with her browsing YouTube videos to learn sewing. Sewing Camp came with the best solution I was looking for. All in one safe place and not limiting the adventures of sewing to the program alone, rather paving the way to go forward in acquiring creativity and embarking on challenging sewing projects. A big thank you to the sweet teacher Eva, who Maimoonah loves to learn from.”"

Umm Maimoonah

"Ms. Evangeline is an amazing sewing teacher. She taught me how to do so many wonderful things, like make a unique pencil roll, a very useful organizer (that I made a while ago but still use!), a holiday banner, and embroidered T-Shirt, and lots of other things. I really suggest taking her classes."

Luna B.

This program is good for you if:

  • You and your child want to get started in sewing but have no clue where to begin, what supplies to purchase, how to use a sewing machine, or where to even start.
  • You’re tired of sorting through online tutorials and pining endless pinterest posts of things you and your child would like to sew but have no idea how to.
  • You’d like your child to learn to sew but it seems to be a lost art and you cannot find any instructors nearby.
  • You’re tired of spending hours shuffling your kids to yet another extra-curricular activity during your already busy week.
  • You have a sewing machine that you’d like to finally dust off and pass on to your child.
  • You appreciate the importance of having a creative hobby, and think sewing would be a good fit for your child!

"This class was thoroughly enjoyed by both my son and daughter. My children learned many practical sewing skills and now have the confidence to safely make their own repairs and work on sewing projects on their own. During the class, they made many useful projects that they still use and have decorated around our house."


"Sr.Evangeline’s classes were really fun! We had a variety projects that we made. She was thorough in how she taught and went over every step which made it very easy for me to learn. She also had a lot of supplies :) I loved this class and I can’t wait to do more!"

Maryam Muhammad, age 11

Ready to Start Sewing?!


Frequently Asked Questions

This program has two components. The first 6 modules of Sewing Camp cover hand sewing. The last 6 modules of Sewing Camp cover machine sewing. Our program is designed for children aged 8+ along with a parent/guardian. Parents are advised to supervise their child when using tools and equipment at home and always ensure a safe learning environment for their child. The program is not intended for a child to complete on their own.

  • Video lessons, projects and printable assignments
  • Access to the online "Sewing Camp Clubhouse"
  • Printable Certificates for completing assignments
  • Fun bonus challenges

No, physical items such as embroidered merit badges, camper vests, badge banners, along with other sewing merchandise and supplies are NOT included in the membership. You can access our online shop inside the membership to purchase these additional items separately.

Each module has 3-6 lessons with a variety of projects to complete to practice new skills learned. Once your child has completed all the lessons in a module, they can choose which projects they'd like to do. The course is structured so students can work through it at their own pace, completing as many projects as they'd like. We will also be adding fun new projects to the membership each month!

No you don't! One membership is permitted per household or per classroom. This counts as one single user license per email account which is authorized for a home or a classroom use only.

In each lesson you will be given a supply list of things you will need to purchase. Some of the one time purchases you will require are a sewing kit and a sewing machine. We go into more detail in the course about the best tools and machines to buy, and what fabrics and notions you'll be needing.

It takes approximately 1-2 years to complete the Sewing Camp program. However completion time may vary depending on each individual's progress. 

Yes of course! But keep in mind that the lessons and projects are geared towards children. If you are okay with that then you are most welcome :). Our parents have also benefitted from the program, so I am sure you will too!

Yes! Sewing Camp runs on a membership model. When your membership cycle comes to an end, it will automatically renew. If you'd like, you can log into your account and cancel your membership before a renewal starts. Reminder emails will not sent when your membership is about to renew so be sure to make note of when you registered and make any changes if needed to your subscription inside the your account.

Due to the digital nature of our program we do not offer refunds. However we will address each case individually and are open to talking with you to help you address any concerns you may have.

"I was very fortunate for my daughter to take sewing classes with Evangeline. She has many years of experience, is very creative and extremely hardworking. All these traits were evident in the beautiful and diverse projects my daughter brought home each week. Although we do not live in the same city, my husband and I were willing to drop our daughter to these classes to help her gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue her sewing interest. Highly Recommended!"

Nichole Graham

"I've had the opportunity for three of my children to take sewing classes with Evangeline. The classes were engaging, challenging (a good thing) and fun! Evangeline is very creative and has a knack for working with young students. She is patient, calm and knows how to inspire kids creativity!"

Sajida (mother of six)


Hello there! I'm Evangeline Do

I've been sewing for the past 18 years, and teaching children to sew for the past 10 years in my home sewing studio. As a former Kindergarten Teacher, I love working with children and helping them learn the basics of sewing, and making their ideas come to life. All we need is a bit of fabric and a dash of inspiration and we're on our way! I'm excited to share all I've learned with you in this online program and bring sewing into your home!

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