Happy National Sewing Month!


Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? This month everyone is encouraged to give sewing a try, maybe find a sewing program to join or learn something new about sewing.

We have been so pleased to see our Sewing Campers sharing their sewing adventures with their family and friends by working on projects together or by gifting their handmade creations! Here are some things you've been up to:

* Ammarah gifted a handmade flower to her family's sponsored child Kafiya in Somalia
* Aaliyah sewed a handmade doll skirt with her Aunt
* Antonia, Henri, and Alma are siblings who have been sewing together and working on the Sewing Camp program together
* Sumaiyah helped her little sister Sarah put together her first sewing kit

What other ways can you share sewing with others this month?