The Perfect Age to Teach a Child to Sew


This is a question I often get from parents, and while there is no perfect age to teach children how to sew, there are techniques that a child can more effectively master at certain ages. This is because children generally reach certain developmental physical and cognitive milestones at different stages of their childhood. Below is a general guideline of what children can learn and do at different ages to develop their sewing skills based on my experience of teaching kids to sew for the past 10 years. Keep in mind that each child is unique and some children may progress through their sewing journey at different rates which is perfectly normal.


Age 2-4 years:

  • Sewing Lacing Cards

  • Threading Large Wooden Beads

Age 5-7 years:

  • Basic hand sewing stitches including embroidery and cross-stitch

  • Hand sewing small projects with felt

Age 8-10 years:

  • Machine sewing small beginner projects

Age 11 years +:

  • Sewing Clothing + learning garment construction techniques

Has your child learned to sew? What was the first thing they made? Share it with us in the comments section!

Happy Sewing!