My First Sewing Kit Challenge


So, you want to pass on the age old art of sewing to your child... well the first thing you'll need to do is have your child put together their very own sewing kit! 

Here at Sewing Camp we offer a fun 3 day challenge called “My First Sewing Kit” to create your child’s very first sewing kit! This is a challenge that we offer only a few times a year so be sure to sign up this week!

We will guide you and your child through all the important items you'll need in your sewing box tool kit, with daily videos featuring a fun DIY activity to complete each day.

This is the perfect way to get your child started on their sewing journey and to becoming a sewist extraordinaire!

Head on over to our Homepage, and click on “WAITLIST” to be added to our email list and to be the first to know when the Challenge begins!

Happy Sewing!